Long Distance Call
Fox - Coyote - Cat - Fisher - Marten
Ultra Call  L.D.C.(Long Distance Predator Call)  This is a top shelf  lure when it comes to pure robust calling power. Skunk and Civet musk is the obvious carrier but "Ultra Call L.D.C." also has five other food and curiosity agents that serve to make this predator call a true blended scent that has resulted in a distinct dominant call lure.Unlike some L.D.C. lures that are primarily skunk essence in a base this multi level blend makes "Ultra Call" effective in the fall as well as in late winter.The underlying food odors make all the difference. Use directly at the set or elevated to increase the down wind calling potential. The base holds all the blended odors in tune together very nicely. Deadly on canines, cats and fisher.
Magnum Cat L.D.C.  (Long Distance Cat Call)  A good blend of slightly aged "anal and reproductive cat glands", fresh winter cat pee, a good spike of skunk, the right blend of northern castor plus a few other things make for a supreme formula for the serious cat trapper. "Magnum Cat L.D.C." is a solid first class lure that has a real strong presence at a set. There isnt much left out of this scent and it has a built in anti dryout base to make it last longer. It does possess the right blend of ingredients that can turn a frequent finicky cat when it catches the scent drift from this lure.This heavy lure can be used directly at the set or up high (on a tree limb, post, rimrock, etc.) to increase it's down range calling potential. Cats will rub this scent if applied in such a way as to allow this.Fox and coyotes really dig up hole sets where Magnum Cat  L.D.C. has been used.This one has become one of our best selling cat lures.Magnum Cat holds very well in cold temps and leaves a good residual presence long after its application which makes it an exceptional lure choice for cold weather use.

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Field Note:
One important factor that I have noticed over the years while cat trapping is that more cats I believe are caught out of curiosity and greed rather then their need to fill their stomachs.This has been determined by examining the stomach contents and the volume of food content found after skinning. Most I have found had full stomachs at the time of capture.I also feel many other predators are caught due to their curiosity level as well.

Therefore it would stand to reason that a multi ingredient lure or product will in most cases out perform a single element product in its attraction to an animal.
Cats are an extremely efficient and alert sight/sound hunters. But I also know cats respond extremely well to scent stimuli  as well. Understanding this trait will make us all better cat trappers. In scent assisted trapping, utilizing as many practically suited methods for that habitat, attractants and eye appeal as we can will certainly help stack the deck in your favor. Scent use ( Call lures, small and large baits etc. ) increases visitation potential to blind trail set areas also when well positioned wind assisted lure applications can be used to your advantage.