All specialty base products are natural extract materials and made for lure formulation work. Most of these base materials are made in house and some were developed  for us. Each base material is unique in odor/color and are proven lure bases. All become very viscous in nature when exposed to cold temps. These bases are proven shortcuts for many formulas and the result of many years of product formulation.
Beaver Tail Oil Base
(Excellent lure base,lure ingredient or a stand alone product.)
Sweet Musk Oil Base ( Dark )
(Sweet musky oil base and ingredient.)
Fancy Tallow Fat Oil
(White color. Viscious in cold temps.)
Fish Oil Products

Trout Oil ( Sun Rendered ) Limited Quantities
Supreme Quality Fish Oil none better for trapping or formulation
Menhaden Fish Oil  (Pressed Oil)
Shellfish Essence Oil
Shrimp Oil Essence
Essential Oils & Specialty Products
Lure Ingredients
    Animal Glands, Musks and Essences
Anti-freeze and Tincturing Products
Premium Animal Urines
Lure - Bait - Urine Preservatives
All Jameson's urines are all late fall / winter collected urines from only meat fed animals. We carry a small inventory of these quality urines due to the limited amount that is available. Once we sell out we won't get any more urine until the following spring. There are significant quality and strength differences in animal urines. We do not sell synthetic, diluted or budget urines just to be competitive in price. You usually get what you pay for as the saying goes.

Superior quality urine makes a big difference on the trapline. Urine is the best lure out there for many in the know.  If you want the real deal you have come to the right place. Don't settle for less.
Specialty Lure Base Products
Jameson's Ultra Blend
Call: 724.938.2002

Pure Uncut Oils
Formulators Grade Oils
Salmon Oil  (Pressed Oil)
Anhydrous Lanolin
(Pure natural lure base.  Waterproof)
Egg Base
(Cultured Egg/ Pale yellow, creamy mayonaise like) Limited Quantities.
Skunk Oil
(Creamy/Mild Musky odor)

Acorn Oil
Powder Tincture
(Trappers Grade)
Powder (India, Imported)
Asafoetida Authentic
Rosin Gum
(Top Grade Imported Gum)
Asafoetida Authentic
Rosin Gum Tincture
(Formulators Top Grade)
Amber Oil
Ambrette Musk
Almond Oil
Anise Oil
(Chinese Blend)

Apple Essence Oil

Banana Essence Oil

Bergamot Oil

Birch Oil

Black Walnut Essence

Broccoli Oil

Canton Musk

Catnip Oil

Catnip Paste
(Natural Herb)

Cheese Essence Oil

Cinnamon Oil

Cumin Oil
(Strong Fixative)

Clover Fragrance Oil

Earthy Fragrance Oil

Ethyl Vanillin

4 Herb

Fruit Wax 

Grape Essence Oil

Geranium Oil
(Premier Blend)

Honey Essence Oil

Laurel Oil

Lavender Oil

Loganberry Oil

Lovage Oil
(Premier Blend)

Lovage Root Powder

Maple Essence Oil

Mulberry Oil

New Mown Hay

Orange Oil

Peach Fragrance Oil

Pecan Essence Oil

Pennyroyal Oil

Peppermint Oil
(Premier Blend)

Persimmon Fragrance Oil

Phenyl Acetic Acid

Popular Bud Oil
(Premier Blend)

Raspberry Fragrance Oil

Rhodium Oil

Shellfish Essence Oil

Smoke Fragrance Oil
Spearmint Oil
(Premier Blend)
Strawberry Fragrance Oil
(Calamus Oil
Premier Blend) 

Shrimp Essence Oil

Sweetcorn Fragrance Oil
Tonquin Musk

Valerian Root Extract

Vanilla Fragrance Essence

Ylang Ylang Oil

Beaver Castor

Beaver Castor

Beaver Castoreum

Beaver Oil Sac

Beaver Sac Oil

Bobcat Glands 

Coyote Glands

Grey Fox Glands

Mink Musk Glands

Muskrat Musk Glands

Muskrat Musk Glands Liquid

Otter Glands

Red Fox Glands

Skunk Essence
Skunk Essence

Imitation Civet Musk  (Strong)

Propylene glycol (USP Grade) 

Glycerine (USP Grade) 

Mineral Oil  ( Fish Oil Anti Freeze )

Bobcat Urine

Coyote Urine

Grey Fox Urine

Red Fox Urine

Raccoon Urine

Rabbit Urine
Sodium Benzoate

Powdered High Quality preservative for lure and bait formulation work ( 8-10 oz  per gallon recommended use ) Most commonly used material in the trapping industry.


A concentrated mold retardant and preservative product. One to two ounces per gallon use. A good ingredient for any lure and bait making. Prevents the development of mold while aging and preparing material for long term storage.

Zinc Valerate Powder

A  very concentrated lure, gland and bait preservative ( Use approx.1/2 to 1 oz. per gallon of lure / bait) Dissolve well prior to use for better product contact.
Fruit Paste ADC Lure Base 
(Heavy viscous edible base, dark brown color)

Sweet Skunk Musk

Civet Musk Paste
( genuine civet musk )
Beaver Tail Oil
Mink Urine

Imitation Civet Musk OIl
Ambrette Musk Oil
(Tincture) Strong