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Shortly after the success of the original Trail Mate Trailing Scents which were originally formulated for the trapping industry, we developed Trail Mate for Deer and Elk. This Big Game Trailing Scent has proven to be just as effective on deer and elk as its counterpart has been on furbearing animals. We receive numerous calls, letters and testimonials each season telling us how our Trail Mate scents have performed for these successful hunters. Trail Mate is a complex blend of fresh collected urines, tarsal glands and deer musks which is then added to a time released base material. This unique base material actually controls odor dispersal, reduces dryout, wash out and maximizes the scent's full potential. In short, Trail Mate is a highly concentrated, long lasting, big game attractor that has earned its way to the top as a trusted and proven deer hunting scent.
Big Game Lures
Trophy Hunter "Buck Lure"- (liquid) This Professional hunting scent is truly in a class of its' own. It is no doubt the most concentrated deer scent formula on the market today!  It appeals to a buck's innermost instinctive drives. Those being his need to reproduce and to protect territorial boundaries from intruders. "Trophy Hunter" is made from pure in-heat (estrus) urine. 100% natural tarsal gland excretions as well as several other curiosity calling agents. All these powerful ingredients have been blended and aged to perfection to give you the ultimate deer hunting scent! "Trophy Hunter" is just as effective early season as it is during the rut. Give it a try. You'll be amazed at the results.
Trophy Hunter "Bear Lure" - This scent is a combination food/curiosity odor that bears just have to investigate when they get a "whiff" of it.  Hunters, outfitters and professional guides have proven Trophy Hunter Bear Lure to be very effective and long lasting when used at bait and draw stations. Wildlife personnel are also using this scent as an attractor to draw bear into their tunnel traps for removal and transfer projects. Trophy Hunter Bear Lure is even more effective when used with our Trail Mate Trailing Scent for Bear. A great one-two punch for the serious sportsman.
Big Game Cover Scent Formulations
Acorn Scent - An exceptional food odor that big game animals can't resist. A mild fragrance, yet it is a primary food source that deer, elk and wild hogs will recognize as a favorite staple food and will investigate when detected.
Apple Scent - A very attractive natural food source scent desired by all deer and sought out when apples mature and begin to provide a food opportunity. This scent is very sweet, strong and long lasting. So strong in fact, trappers have found it can be used for a muskrat and raccoon lure.
Earth Scent -This scent is just what the name says. This unique and popular scent mimics a fresh dug / dirt odor that is natural to all wildlife. An excellent cover scent choice for those who don't want to use a stronger type of cover scent. Freshly disturbed or scraped dirt acts as a natural curiosity scent to deer and other wildlife.
Red Fox Urine with Deer Musk - The strong scent of red fox urine blended perfectly with pure white deer tarsal musk. This complex scent will naturally over shadow and mask human scent while attracting deer at the same time. A very popular and extremely productive scent for the part time or professional hunter.
Skunk Screen A heavy clinging scent which is the ultimate cover scent for covering up  human odor that might be lingering in your stand area. Apply scent to absorbant materials suspended above and below your body position for best results. Do not apply to your clothing.This product has a very strong odor push !!! Outdoor storage is recommended.This product is available only in glass jars.
Sweet Corn A very productive scent that will attract and pull deer, elk and wild hogs from any habitat to investigate the odor source. It is surely one of the best food scent odors that can be used on big game and other foraging animals. A proven scent odor that is used by many hunters and USDA trappers to live trap various nuisance wildife animals.
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     Premium Clean Filtered Urines. The Deer Scent Industries Finest Grade.
Dennis Sherman from Pa with a monster buck.Dennis knows what brings in the big bucks!
"Matrix X" Buck Lure 
This hard hitting deer scent was built from select glands and excretions collected from subordinate buck deer. Then blended with other key essential ingredients to further enhance the infringement reactions of other mature buck.Mature buck perceive subordinate bucks as a threat to their territory and breeding rights.When the subordinate buck odor is detected it is monitored regularly by the mature bucks to determine the intruders whereabouts and hopefully drive him from their territory.This is the silver bullet of deer lures and many times out performs the noted "Doe in Estrus" type scents.Some exceptional trophy buck have been taken on this fine deer Scent as seen in our ads.

This "Matrix X " Buck Scent is not mass produced or sold in the major chain stores. It is only available in limited quantities on a first come first sold basis.This scent is unequalled in its value early season and into the first part of the rut. Put your field cams out and observe the responses of the older mature bucks when they come in contact with Matrix X.                     Good Hunting to you all.
                                         Bob Jameson

Acorn Oil (Pure)
Apple Essence Oil
Black Walnut Essence
Cedar Wood Oil
Cherry Essence Oil
Earthy Fragrance Oil
Grape Essence Oil
Maple Essence Oil
Pecan Essence Oil

Sagebrush Fragrance Oil
Sweet Corn Fragrance Oil
Vanilla Oil
Doe In Heat Urine
Doe Regular Urine
Buck In Rut Urine
Buck Regular Urine
Doe (Estrus Tarsal Musk) Liquid
Doe Tarsal Gland Paste
50/50 Mix- Doe and Buck Tarsal Musk (Liquid)
50/50 Mix - Doe and Buck Tarsal Gland (Paste)
Synthetic- Doe In Heat Extract
Excellent additive to deer urine's, 2 drops per ounce only.This artificial man made pheromone will spike your urines to replicate the doe heat cycle. Do not over use.

Tonguin Musk 
(Siberian Deer Mush 100% Strength)
Tonguin Musk 50/50 Tincture
Buck Tarsal Gland Paste
Buck (Rut Tarsal Musk) Liquid