Eastern Style Professional
Fox Trapping Video
Topics Covered:
* Equipment, Traps and Staking Systems
* Fox Personalities
* Three Methods of Hiding Your Catch
  drags, extension chains, slide wire systems)
* ATV Use and Vehicle Set Up
* Permission - Tips and How to Ask
* Line Management and Trapline Organizations
* Remarks
* Trap Speed Bedding & Proper Set Construction
* Set Breakdown (early season/late season)

* Locations and Location Guidelines
* Digger Fox/Spring Traps
* Lure, Bait and Urine Usage
* Advanced Antifreeze Techniques
* Use of L.D.C.(long distance call lures)
* General Tips and Guidelines
* Extensive Field Work and Catches
* Fox Population - Competition - Weather
* Use of Trail Mate Trailing Scents
A Broadcast Quality Video Release
4 Hour - 2 Volume DVD
Advanced Fox Trapping Instructional Video

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