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Food - Curiosity Call Lures
Canines Choice (Food/Curiosity Call) This lure surpasses all the criteria of a multi level predator lure. The formula displays a combination of food and curiosity attractors that are a significant driving instinctual force of all predatiors by their sheer nature. Canines Choice can be used successfully early or late season.  This lure will cause a digging reaction in canines so in understanding this reaction this lure is best used at flat sets and in dirtholes. This is a primary set lure and can be used as a stand alone scent. Adding a good shot of urine can only boost this lures effectiveness.
Big 4 (Curiosity Lure) This fine lure features a sweet musky blend of mink, beaver castor, a sweet urine spike and some fresh spring rat glands put up in an emulsified food signal base. This lure is certainly a universal attractor comprised from all of the known key gland ingredients. I have found that it will call any predator from coyotes to mink and everything in between. If you really want a lure that will do it all then "Big 4" would be my choice. It is a true standout early and mid season lure which is a true multi sensory attractor. Big 4 is a very hot bobcat lure both in walk thru, projection and scratch pile type sets.
Fox Cream (Food/Gland/Curiosity Call)   Starting with a perfected cultured egg base foundation, then built up with key glands, in house made musks, a bold spike of skunk, a hint of good bladder urine and then aging to term, that is "Fox Cream". This lure is in a class of its own. It has proven to be my #1 lure in sales and #1 fur taker for many years. This lure is the Thunder and Lightning of our Predator Call Lures. Equal on fox, coyotes or cats. An excellent choice for dirt holes and flat sets. Some big numbers predator trappers catch a truck load of fox, coyote and cats on this lure. If you want a great stand alone lure this is it. When it gets cold and windy this is the one you want working for you. Available in a  heavy paste formula  bottled in wide mouth glass bottles. 
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Jameson's Ultra Blend
Lone Wolf (Food Lure) A rich,musky and thick food lure that creates an intense interest in canines. This multi ingredient lure has a nice blend of sweet northern castor and other food odors that are aged just right. If you want high attraction and durability in a lure this is the one. Not an overpowering lure but it will cause aggressive digging where applied in hole type sets. Lone Wolf does its job day after day and nite after nite. If you need a lure that encourages intense interest this is it.This lure is at its best in hole and at flat sets A very good spring and summer ADC lure also.Some high numbers coyote men swear by this one lure alone.
Terminator (Food Call) For early to late season trapping this proven canine food call lure is top shelf all the way. Bold and full bodied by nature I laced it with just enough sweet skunk that allows this lure to hold fast and provide a constant emission of odor from your set. It will continue to work long after other products have played out. One of my favorites for coyotes and cats in January and February because it holds a steady scent trail long into those windy and frigid nights. When you experience the effects of this scent on the line you will see why I named it Terminator!!!! One hard working trapper Kevin Wells,Ms.took 66 cats on this lure alone the winter of (2007-08) !!! Thats an impressive testimonial for this product as a stand alone.

Erminator   (Weasel Gland / Curiosity / Food Call Lure)
After many years of working with different ingredients and base materials I will introduce you to a state of the art true weasel gland,curiosity, food call lure.It was a challenge as compared to other products I have built over the years. The weasel does not get the attention that many other furbearers do. But many find this efficient little predator to be a challenge and most desirable as a furbearing resource.Field testing has proven the effectiveness of "Erminator" not only as a weasel lure but also as an exceptional deadly  fox, coyote and cat lure as well.

Fox and coyotes are known to have great interest in weasels as a food source and/or a toying object it seems. I have found many of them at fox and coyote den sites over the years and random dead ones in weasel habitat areas. Some partially chewed upon while others were partially eaten. Nonetheless canines showed they have a keen interest in the little predator. Most likely it may be due to the musk gland odor that they possess and the brief challenge that the little fighter presents them.If you want to trap weasels or need a good change up lure for other predators "Erminator" will give you the attraction that you need to bring them in to investigate this alluring odor.I am very proud of this product as I am of our other scents. I know you will find this lure to live up to its name.

"Thunder & Lightning"