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Instant Trap Kote
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Odor Free
A water soluble product that's odor free, dries hard and fast (24 hours or less) and can be stored for later use. It can be cleaned up with water while it is still wet, but once it has dried it's too late. Footholds, cage traps, snares and digging tools all will benefit from Formula One. Allow steel to slightly rust first before dipping. New steel will not hold the dye well. Snares should be boiled in baking soda, then rinsed in clean water before dipping. Formula One can be used indoors or outdoors. No odor - no dangerous fumes and fast dry time. A fan placed towards treated traps indoors will speed up dry time.
Available Colors:
Black - Brown - Tan - Green

You may at your option, wax over Formula One Trap Kote.
Mixing Instructions:
Mix two quarts of water to one quart of Formula One for all traps, stakes and tools. A 3 to 1 ratio is recommended for all snare treatments. Let dry, then dip again for second and final coat. No air-out time is needed before setting once Formula One has cured.
~ Logwood Trap Dye ~
(Brown Powder) Turns black in water. Use about 2 pounds of dye per five gallons of water. Bring water to a simmer only. Make sure traps are covered completely with dye mix while cooking traps. Traps should be slightly rusted for dye to adhere to steel properly.
Formula One Pro Trap Wax
A white, odorless and durable trap wax that protects your traps under the most severe weather conditions. For best results dip clean traps into a pure solution of our Pro Trap Wax.

Formula One
Jameson's Ultra Blend
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