All Season Gland Lures
All Natural
All of our gland lures are developed from fresh gland bases and only allowed to age ever so slightly. This process locks in that fresh ground gland odor to give you a true full bodied gland lure.Not alot of urine in these gland lures. These gland lures are effective throughout the seasons.  Simply vary the amount used according to the time of year.  All lures are bottled in glass.
RED DEVIL: (Red Fox Gland Lure) The result of a select blend of (wild) red fox glands. a few other goodies along with just the right amount of  strong winter redfox urine added to top off the mix. Red Devil can be used at any type of set alone or in combination with bait, urine or droppings for eye appeal. A very deadly combo! Excellent change up lure for coyotes and coons. Thick and long lasting! Very foxy smelling.
OLE GREY MASTER:  (Grey Fox Gland Lure) A very musky gland lure that emulates that true grey fox odor.Formulated with the same rigid standards as all of our predator gland lures. A top notch predator attractor that has a proven track record on coyotes and cats as well. A must for any serious grey fox trapper. Attractive early or late season.
PRAIRIE KING: (Coyote Gland Lure) A highly attractive blend of sweet glands that the coyotes cannot pass up. They are driven by instinct to investigate this highly attractive odor of a new visitor to their territory. This formulation will take those food lure shy and problem coyotes quickly.  This is the same lure that I use to catch those well fed killer coyotes that wreak havoc on the hog and sheep ranches I trap each year. Proven and trusted by some of the best A.D.C. men in the U.S.
SHADOW STALKER: (Bobcat Gland Lure) Like my other gland lures "Shadow Stalker" has developed its own following of serious cat trappers over the years. It's that ever so natural cat-like aroma that makes it so effective. Also, a great change up for those finicky late season coyotes and fox. My favorite lure for scratch up type sets in prime cat country.
RACCOON VALLEY: (Coon Gland Lure) This is a true coon musk gland formulation that really shines mid to late season. It's heavy base texture is very durable and it holds very well where applied. Works excellent on land or at the water line.  Raccoon Valley is very effective at targeting those prime late season boar coon or enticing a garbage can coon into a cage trap.
Jameson's Ultra Blend
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Sierra Mist:  (Bobcat Gland Rubbing Scent) Two years of development has gone into this multi glandular bobcat scent. I formulated a similiar product for a European University in Croatia for the specific study of an endangered Lynx specie once commonly inhabitating that part of the world.I was asked to develop a lure that would induce an aggressive rubbing instinct for the purpose of collecting hair samples for DNA analysis.

From my original formulation work on the University formula I laid the ground work for the development of "Sierra Mist". In essence this formula became the steroid enhanced version of the original Lynx study rubbing scent formula. A heavy bobcat gland base built the foundation of this lure and it literally grew in magnitude from that point on.A who's who of cat calling and high interest ingredients began to flow into the formula.

A heavy presence of musky cat glands,winter collected cat urine, and a balance of two viscosity agents serve to bind all of the 15 ingredients together. A nice touch of skunk jump starts the scent drift of "Sierra Mist" into the thermals and wind currents of the nite.The blending of several different glandular ingredients makes for a very seductive and high interest  bobcat lure presentation.

"Sierra Mist" can be presented elevated to initiate a shoulder or chin rubbing reaction or applied at ground level for a flat set, walk thru or a hole type set.Either presentation will induce cats to react with great interest. If you are on the Cats  they  will come to investigate. "Sierra Mist" is one of those products that is the result of many years of trapping cats.Observing a cats reaction behavior to various odors by monitoring with trail cams then formulating and testing different ingredients until I hit the right blend combination . I am very proud of this lure and I know it will quickly take the lead in becoming our #1 selling bobcat lure.

Due to the limited availability of some raw gland materials I am only able to offer a limited quantity of this high quality lure. It will be only be available on a first come basis.

Limited Quantities Available
Early season orders will most likely be filled. However later orders may be not be available.If I am not on the road trapping I will post when this product has been sold out.
Matrix "Canine Marking Scent is a specific blending of glandular excretions, heat cycle period winter collected urine and a few other primary essential ingredients that make this lure so attractive. When applied to a prominent object this scent will stimulate an aggressive instinctive urination urge. Canines are driven by their sheer nature to mark designated objects in their territory with their own scent or the scent marking of another visitor found within their home range. This glandular formula was developed for use as a specialty scent attractor. It is a great go to lure when you need to target a specific canine that has become a problem on your trap line as a result of a mistake on your part or anothers. ( Diggers and educated animals )

This Matrix marking scent when used in conjunction with a dirt hole or flat set will also act as an intense curiosity scent as well as a suspicion remover. Only a few drops per set are needed. This scent is very concentrated and it will promote intense interest where applied. Do not get on your hands or drip around the set proper area as it will cause great interest in that area. This marking scent can also be used with excellent results when used with predator baits. This scent is a very low volume use attractant. A little goes a long way. Matrix marking scent was designed for object specific application use. Government and private contract ADC trappers use this lure for those predators that can be challenging to catch at times.