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Formula One L.T.S.
(Woodchuck Lure) - A powerful, curiosity odor that is a proven call lure to the woodchuck when applied to some type of leafy greens for eye appeal. You cannot find a better combination. "Formula One Lure" can also be used alone as a trailing scent. Just apply a few drops of lure to the ground at burrow or den entrance and lead scent trail to cage trap. (Place baited material in back of cage in full view.) A great combination when used with Formula One or Formula Two Paste Baits.
(Woodchuck Lure) - A rich blend of food lure odors that has been specially formulated for woodchucks. "Formula Two" is a selective nuisance control product that is tailor made for vegetation eating animals. "Rabbits" find Formula One and Formula Two very attractive as well. Dogs and cats find little interest in these two fine products. Unlike anything available today. Use alone as a trailing scent or apply to leafy greens/brocolli to serve as eye appeal. This formula is ordered in gallon quantities by some full time operators and large nuisance control franchises. Enuf said!
(Woodchuck Gland Lure Trailing Scent) - A true woodchuck gland lure made according to the same rigid standards as our canine gland lures. This excellent formulation was built to allow controlled odor emission (in hot temperatures also) which aides in the active life of Chuck Matrix L.T.S.  Can be used alone with eye appeal or with our Formula One and Two Baits.
(Woodchuck Paste Gland Lure) The one and only true woodchuck gland lure. This is a full bodied glandular paste formulation with all the right ingredients. Only a very small amount is needed to attract any wandering "hog". Use small amounts to trail animal into cage trap or place on eye appeal for effect. Excellent early or late season.
(Skunk Lure Trailing Scent) - This all season lure trailing scent will prove to be an "ace in the hole" for all skunk trapping work. The use of skunk Mate L.T.S. with the addition of small marshmallows or popcorn kernels for visual support is just icing on the cake for grabbing a skunks attention. 
This is a very effective combination. A few drops placed leading from the front of the trap towards a travel way or den site will help the animal focus and follow the scent trail to the trap entry. Baiting and visual support in the back of the trap will further entice the animal to continue into the trap to investigate further.
Skunk Mate L.T.S.
(Squirrel Lure Trailing Scent) - Heavy oil based food call lure developed specifically for all nut eating rodents. It's nutty fragrance will endure arid climates and still give off its' unique, nutty fragrance. Excellent for leading squirrels into cage traps and works wonders with our Nutcracker Squirrel Bait. A must for the hard core squirrel control man.
(Flying Squirrel Lure Trailing Scent) - A balanced blend of naturally occurring wild nut essences combined with a spike of wild fruit to top off the mix. Flyers are very impressed with this product and that's all that counts. Nutcracker Bait and Night Flyer L.T.S. gets the job done.
Night Flyer L.T.S.
(Red Squirrel Lure Trailing Scent) - A target specific lure built for the pesky pine grove loving red squirrel. This wild nut meat blend was formulated with the light touch of mellow pine fragrance. Nothing compares to "Piney Bluff" for effective red squirrel work. Use alone with eye appeal i.e. corn/nuts or with our Nutcracker Bait. Nothing's better, a deadly combination.
(Bat Paste Gland Lure) - For use in bat traps and bat houses. Bat Call is a first and a very unique attractor which will prove to be a valuable asset to any wildlife control operator's business. In bat traps for removal purposes or bat house applications. "Bat Call" will promote faster response time and acceptance in either situation. Excellent for bat houses when used in conjunction with exclusion work.

Chuck Matrix , Chuck Mate and Bat Call are limited quantity items and are
priced separately from our regular L.T.S. lure products.
Tip: The use of our Trailing Scent L.T.S. products with any bait presentation will greatly increase the effectiveness of your set up. "Tells the animal where to go."
Formula Two L.T.S.
Chuck Matrix L.T.S.
Chuck Mate
Nutcracker L.T.S.
Piney Bluff L.T.S.
Bat Call
Product Photos
(Raccoon - Skunk Lure Trailing Scent) - Fresh tuna odor.  The ultimate attractor when used as eye appeal or as a trailing scent. 
Hot Shot 
L/B L.T.S.
Peaches & Cream 
(Universal Lure Trailing Scent) - Distinct aroma of ripen peaches with a soft touch of sweet cream.  Very attractive to coon and skunks. 
Fireball A.D.C.
(Raccoon - Skunk Lure Trailing Scent) -  Food and oil extracts with a sharp fragrance that will prove to outlast the competitors.  Our newest formulation in the Ultra Blend line. 
Jameson's Ultra Blend
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Bat Call
1 oz. $5.00 : 4 oz. $15.00 : 16 oz. $40.00