Predator Baits: Bait Solution: Trail Mate
Fox - Coyote - Cat - Coon - Mink 

Fur Taker   (Sweet Fruit Paste Bait) A sweet alluring bait that really satisfies the sweet tooth of fox, coyote and coon. A rich blend of wild fruit essences that are the preferred foods of fox, coon, coyotes and muskrats. This is a real killer at dirt holes for fox and coyote in the early season and excellent in pocket sets for coon and rats. A super prebaiting product. I sell this by the buckets to several A.D.C. and fur trappers across the country.They know what fur taker can do.
Mouse Musk Oil  What is it?  Whole emulsified mice blended into a lingering musky oil base. The whole mouse body, no tincture here. The real deal. There isn't anything that is more natural or attractive then the odor of fresh rodents to any predator. A shoot and go bait that can be used with all types of sets. Good Early / Late or for summer predator control work.  Don't need much.
It really shines on coyotes after being trapped hard all winter.  Ants can't take it away; it soaks into the soil.

                   Available in 4 oz., 8 oz. and 16 oz.
K-9 Stopper   (Egg based Bait) This is a cultured egg blended bait that can be used alone or in combination with urine. This egg bait has a unique attractive food odor which causes an intense interest to predators. Excellent for dirt holes and flat sets. Just a dab of gland lure or urine at the set is a killer. If you need a change of pace early or mid-season bait this is it. A small teaspoon is all it takes.  Cultured egg is extremely odor attractive and edible so if they get a taste of it, all is good. Game on.....

Mega Mouse  (Mouse Paste Bait) A true, fresh ground field mouse bait. Nothing can beat this natural bait at any type of set. Especially effective when used with a few drops of our Red Devil gland lure. A deadly combo till mid to late Dec. in the North and later in the southern states. Add a couple drops of skunk essence to this bait and stir it up for use in extended freezing temperatures. This bait is completely natural and preserved to keep that fresh killed rodent odor. A very thick paste consistency with just the right amount of moisture to retard dry-out. Limited quantities.
   No gallons -Limited Quantities
Long Liner "Power Plus"     (Fortified Paste Bait) This concentrated paste bait is equally attractive both early and late season. It does cause an aggressive digging response. Long Liner may be used alone at a flat set, in dirtholes and on projection sets. Use with a good shot of meat fed animal urine. It is great for pre-baiting, getter guns and test locations as well. It is very durable, and resists wash out and dry out. This bait is a close cousin to our best selling XXX Matrix Bait so you know it is a top-notch bait. Use it sparingly as you would a good lure.
Trail Mate
Professional Trailing Scents
Available in These Scent Types

Trail Mate concentrated scents are trapline proven and are very effective for trailing / pulling predators to your selected set locations. These specialized scents will absolutely add fur to the stretchers. They were designed for those situations where you need to pull your target animal to a more secure or preferred set location. I developed these scents to prevent animal and trap theft. You can trail an animal to behind a round hay bale, over a hillside bank etc...  It lets you get them out of sight, so they are there when you check traps. You can also use Trail Mate as a "Shoot and Go" lure at pockets sets or in DP type traps. Or apply it as it was developed to be used as a trailing scent. 

 Either way, Trail Mate will draw the animal to your selected trap set lured area. Many hard-hitting coon and canine trappers use it as a stand-alone lure and just squirt it in a pocket or down into a hole set. It's fast, easy and productive. Each bottle comes with a complete instruction pamphlet. One pint bottle will do 80 to 100 sets depending on how heavy an application is used.  Trail Mate does it all........... it is a specialty use product that has many uses on the trapline.
Jameson's Ultra Blend
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 "Hard Hitting" Predator Bait, Max Force Bait Solution and Canine Marking Scent 

"xXx Matrix" Predator Baits are super charged aged bobcat and beaver meat paste baits. They are a food lure, a bait, a curiosity call all in one. I have used this predator bait for many years as a private stock bait on my own trap lines East, West and South. This bait is extremely attractive to all predators (fox, cats, coyotes, wolves, marten and fisher). Most of the time I only use a shot of urine at a set with it or a small dab of gland lure.  This bait is a great stand alone bait.

"Max Force" Bait Solution is a professional formula bait mix for the longliner or hobby trapper that likes to make his own predator bait. Just add one pint of "Max Force" bait solution to any gallon of fresh or aged meat for a top-notch predator attracting bait. A good preservative such as sodium benzoate should be added to your meat at the rate of 8-12 ounces per gallon of meat bait to stop the aging process. Then blend in the "Max Force" after the meat has been preserved. Our bait solution is a lure in itself and some buy it for that purpose. The resulting formulated bait when properly aged will rival many commercial types of bait available today.  I have used this same formula for many years before releasing it for retail sale. Simple directions are on each container. 16 oz. will treat 1 Gallon of meat. A 1/2 gallon of bait solution will do approximately 4 gallons of bait; 

Feature Products: 
XXX Matrix Predator Bait, 
Canine Marking Scent and Bait Solution
Spring is the time to collect your meat baits, age it, preserve it and add "Max Force" bait solution. Stir frequently and let it sit until fall.This solution will turn any red / white meat into a multi attraction bait. It will cause all predators to investigate this tempting odor.
XXX Matrix Bait is a complete multi attraction bait that covers all the bases.

 XXX Matrix comes in two proven meat base formulas. One is aged bobcat meat the other is aged beaver meat. Both baits have our own in house specialty bait solution added after the aging is complete. This makes each formula stand out.on the line.
Mick Meyer from  Kansas gets the job done with our lures and baits.
Type 2  ( Coon - Bear - Mink - Otter)

Bobcat meat Formula 

Beaver Meat Formula 
                                                 "Liquid predator Bait."

      "Shooter" is a liquid bait formulated directly from primary predator meat base                         sources. This process ensures the complete critical meat odor properties remain
       intact within the extracted liquid meat by-product. A multiyear development process is
       required to achieve the final base material. It is then beefed up with a few other key             ingredients that boost "Shooter" into a concentrated predator attractor. This                           product will re write the book on baits.

      Only small shot amounts are needed for a well baited application. Any predator that              comes in contact with this liquid bait scent trail will be compelled to investigate.                    Raccoon, fisher and mink are drawn to it as well.  

    "Shooter" may be used as a stand-alone attractor, or it can be used with a shot
    of good urine. When you feel the need for refreshing a set either a dirt hole
    or flat type set just " Shoot and Go" with "Shooter". You are primed and
    ready for another visitor to your set. Recharging a set couldn't be easier.

    If you have never used a liquid bait before you won't want to be without. It will spoil you. 

   This formula penetrates and soaks into the applied area very thoroughly.


 Canine Matrix Marking Scent can be found on our Gland Lure page for a full product description, ordering and pricing information.
Type 1  (Fox - Coyote - Cat - Wolf - Marten - Fisher)
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