Magnum Marsh Call

(Raccoon Food Lure) A thick, rich and tacky coon lure that has a real sweet-sour odor which really attracts a coons interest. This lure's base is very durable and sweet to the taste so when they get some on their paws and lick it they are hooked if they arent caught before hand. Ring Master is a very specialized lure also which is very appealing to coon but holds little interest to domestic roaming dogs and cats. Therefore, it is the ideal lure to use in areas which are in close proximity to domestic housing units or farm houses.
Golden Essence is a "multi oil blend" formula. This blend of essences and musks promises a great food opportunity to any animal that finds it along its travel route. Its' unique base mix will hold fast and penetrate most surfaces that it touches. It will take lots of rain and high water and still have residue odor left . A great "squirt and go" lure for pocket and dirt hole sets.  Great on Fox, Coyote and Cats also. Freezeproof and Durable
(Raccoon Food / Curiosity Lure) This lure is our pride and joy when it comes to talking about food call lures for coons. I have blended the favorite foods of the coon and placed them in a heavy sticky base which is also freeze proof. This lure has a good spike of sweet muskrat musk,a sharp fragrance call ingredient and a few other sweet food call oils that  really beefs up the calling power of this excellent lure. A real coon killer! If you only try one of our coon lures make it Midnight Raider. It's the true pros choice. Available in paste or liquid form for a while.
(Mink Gland/ Food Lure) This is just what the doctor ordered when it comes to the real fresh caught mink in the bottle odor. Full of just the right amount of sweet glands, food odors and other musks which mink find very appealing. No worries about spooking some mink with this lure.It is deadly when used in conjunction with our "Bank Runner" Fish Bait. Also a very good change up lure for those occasional lure shy foxes and coyotes.
(Muskrat Food Lure) The ultimate muskrat lure when it comes to quality and calling ability. This is a formula of several food odor oils, a slight mint odor and a spike of spring rat glands blended in a durable base. A real top notch rat lure which will surely increase your rat harvest. Just a small amount on the end of a stick is more that enough to stop any passing rat dead in its' tracks. Excellent on nutria too.For feedbed set ups, pockets or slide run areas. This lure will stop them.
(Muskrat Gland ) A bold blend of spring 'rat glands and other select ingredients which serve to enhance and promote the true musky gland odor. Very effective in the fall but is simply deadly when used in conjunction with the spring breeding season( March/April ). Great on float sets, hut set ups, feed beds and slide set ups.
Hi Powered
Beaver - Rat - Coon - Mink
Ten Mile
(Beaver Lure) This is a real high production beaver attractor. A chisel tooth lure that is a proven spring, summer and winter beaver scent. Naturally, it is full of sweet northern castor of the highest quality but I have blended several other proven call ingredients which make Ten Mile a must investigate beaver lure. If you longline or just dabble trapping beaver you better keep a sharp knife ready. It really shines after spring ice out when they get stir crazy and move alot. This lure is a very heavy and durable. 100% active ingredients make up this exceptional lure. A small smear is plenty enough.
Ring Master
Golden Essence
Rat Mate
Jameson's Ultra Blend
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(Muskrat, Raccoon, Nutria and Beaver All Call Lure) This premium lure is waterproof, sticky and musky. Deadly on raccoons, muskrats, beaver and nutria. A prominent minty spike grabs your attention then it mellows down to a heavy blend of sweet spring rat gland undertones.  A perfect blending of food, gland and curiosity ingredients. A small dip of a stick is a good application amount.

 (Raccoon Gland) Best choice for late season coon trapping.When sweet food lures and fishy type lures stop producing its time for Raccoon Valley to shine. A good gland lure will out work most other lures at this time of year. Boars have other things on their minds besides filling their stomachs and females are looking for Mr. Right. Prime coon typically are your late season cold weather coon.

Power Call   DP  (Fortified Fish Paste Bait)  A full-bodied durable fish by product based bait that is very edible. Power Call has it all. A striking odor of  food odors, shellfish and tuna all blended into a full bodied fish paste.  The heavy emulsified base ingredient binds everything together in a sticky consistency making it a great choice for DP type traps and pocket sets. 

 Excellent for mink at pocket sets or dirt holes for predators. In late season trapping when coon can be very finicky adding a little dab of our Raccoon Valley coon gland lure to your baited set ups will surely seal the deal.

Bank Runner  ( Fresh Cured Fish Chunk Bait) A sweet fresh Indian cured fish chunk bait that is hand cut and just the ticket for fox, coyote, coon and mink.Our specialty sweet fish bait solution makes this fine bait what it is. It just can't be beat as an all-around attractor because all furbearers are attracted to the odor and the taste. Great used on land or at water sets. One or two small pieces is all that is needed for a set.
   One jar has enough bait pieces to make 30 or more sets. Nothing better for pocket sets or DP type traps for protein craving coon or mink along a stream or lake front.    
                             This item will be sold out and discontinued.
                Very limited quantities and only available in 1/2 pint sizes.
 Bucks End
Three Rivers  (Beaver Food/Curiosity Lure ) This lure is a non castor lure solely developed for situations when castor-based type products fail to get the right response. This does happen, particularly beaver that have been pinched or educated by some attempt to catch them. Three Rivers is a food and curiosity lure that will entice traveling or resident beaver to investigate the origin of this new odor. Only a small amount of this lure is needed for good results. This formulation is mild in odor but very deadly to curious beaver in the area. Place lure on existing castor mounds or manmade mounds near any well used crawl out areas.
Pretender  (Trout Fish Paste) Pretender is what the name implies. It has a big oily fish odor that promises a potential meal to any predator on the hunt. A small smear of pretender will give a good application for a set. The paste allows for easy use and it holds where applied. It is very durable and will shed rain and snow easily. It's make up is such there is no need to re bait after the initial application. The odor does not wash out. Pretender keeps giving. Use on land or along water line sets. No messy runny paste, a dream to use.

        Fox, Coyote, Cat, Coon, Mink, Otter, Marten and Fisher 
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