Skinning Fur and Field Products
Fast and Easy way to split tails. The more fur you skin, the more you will need this slick little tool. Fur buyers love'em. Lightweight, made from durable plastic with a stainless steel blade. The tail splitter will outlast many skinning knives! A real time saver.

For attaching pelts smaller than beaver and otter to wooden stretchers. Can be used over and over again. No hammers needed for driving or removing. Does not damage pelts. Tempered steel points.
Durable - 2 hole deluxe model tail stripper used for removing tail bones from pelts. Just simply skin the tail bone down an inch or two, insert tail bone into the Tail Stripper and let the "Tail Stripper" do the rest. Easy, steady pressure and a slight pull is all that's needed to remove the tail bone.
Plastic Tail Stripper
Aluminum Push Pins
Plastic Tail Zipper
Scotch Fur Comb
This comb is great for cleaning furs, removing dried blood, cockleburs and other foreign material. Rounded teeth, 6" steel face with a 6" handle.
Fluorescent Flagging
Dozens of Uses. Don't pass up those sets in new trapping territory ever again. I use several rolls of this flagging every season to mark my locations on my western and southern lines. Dozens of uses for the trapper.
Nitrile Skinning Gloves
The perfect gloves for skinning and dressing game, fowl and cleaning fish. Keep hands dry and clean. Help protect against potential infectious diseases and parasites.
Jameson's Ultra Blend
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Trapline Tested Products
Mitlyng's Trapbedder  This little tool is a trappers best friend both for young and seasoned trappers. It makes trap bedding safer on the fingers,fast, efficient and virtually fool proof.It allows you to securely bed your traps without the worries of firing the trap during the bedding process.Thats why I have used one for many years.
Model # 1.- Fits all #1 1/2 and #2 coils, #2 and #3 longspring traps.
Model # 2.- Fits # 2 and # 3 coils,  # 3 and # 4 longspring traps.
Model # 3.- Fits B.M.I. and most other brand Traps, in  sizes # 1 1/2, # 1 3/4 and #2 round jaw traps. Also fits Model # 1 Traps .
Select specific model for your order!  Model #3 fits most of my needs up to a #2 size trap.
Heavy Duty Multi Purpose Swivel   It will even swivel freely on 1/2" rebar stakes. Comes with two j hook rivets per swivel.

Constructed of  1-1/8" O/S  diameter rigid wall galvanized tubing. Cable is 1/8th "non" vinyl coated galvanized steel for easy feed, better control and faster choke down. Easy repair of cable and locking mechanism when needed. Priced right for a quality product.I have been using a similiar design for over 25 years for live market, fur trapping and ADC work.I keep one in my truck and one on my ATV. Easy control & handling of all wildlife species.This is a manually operated release pole.
Pro Control catch / Release Pole
T Shirts / Hats
 Jameson's Ultra Blend Tee Shirts are made from high quality 100% pre shrunk cotton.Tan in color with full 4 color artwork of our unique business logo fox & bottle design screened on the back of the shirt. It also has a printed front lapel logo design to further accent this quality T shirt. These T shirts are available in adult Medium,Large, X Large, 2X & 3X sizes. Select your sizes and quantities with each order.
 "Jameson's Ultra Blend" T- Shirts & Hats
Jameson's brushed Grey denim hats have an adjustable velcro closure on the hat.A very high quality 100% cotton twill hat for fall and winter wear. Our trademark four color fox logo is on the hat face panel .
For sale and pick up at our facility Only.