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Jameson's Ultra Blend

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      Bob On the Cat Line in Kansas......
Matt DeBarber, owner of Pace Wildlife Solutions in Ct. reaches for the Formula One and Formula Two Woodchuck baits and LTS lure when he needs to get things done quickly. 
Circa 1975

 We do not ship to Canada or out of the continental U.S. 

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 Please provide a   physical UPS delivery   address no P.O. Box   addresses. Excessive   weight orders over 25#   will be billed actual         shipping costs. This is   due to the continuing     rise in shipping costs.   Contact us prior to   ordering bulk weight   items for a quote   on shipping rates.

The Mole Tunnel Pilot is  now available.

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                     Trapline proven Baits, Lures and Urines. 
  Serving Trappers and the Wildlife Control Industry nearly 50 years. 
                                        New & now available 

  MMO has a very natural mild appealing odor. There will be limited availability of this      bait at first release. If sales are strong, we will increase development on the next                  product run. Each batch takes several months to complete.      

                                      Available in 4 oz., 8 oz. and 16 oz.  
  I don't have to state how effective a mouse/rodent bait/odor is to all predators. It is one of the basic staple foods of their diet. It can be used simply by directing a squirt into a deep dirt hole, down a rebar punch hole at a walk thru set or just squirt it on a prominent bush/weed. Apply it where you need to call attention to a selected location/or object. It's a done deal, you will have 
their attention. A very small squirt of urine adds great interest.  Snap!!!

 Use MMO as a stand alone attractor at your set. Or, you can spike the set by adding just a few drops of good meat fed urine. When
 you need to go all natural with your bait selection Mouse Musk Oil can help you take out those older seasoned predators.

This musky odor acts like a suspicion remover. It doesn't cause those red flags of caution that can put them on their guard. Sometimes the skunky big odor approach just doesn't cut it. Some of the older, experienced dogs get wise after a while. Particularly the older females. Some will just keep walking on bye your sets, never breaking stride to check out your set. Did you ever have that happen? 

We should call it the sleeper bait because it doesn't trigger anything but a normal day on the road for them while looking for a snack. 
XXX Matrix         K-9 Stopper             Urines
     Baits                    Baits               Pro Grade
                        " New Products this Month "

                             SMC Coyote Urine & Woodchuck Urine 

 Each bottle comes with a handy small dowel stick shown in the far-right photo. This is to use as a clean out for the applicator spout. The emulsified material will occasionally plug the spout. These tiny solids are an important part of the primary mouse odor and aid in holding the scent much longer at the set. Remember MMO is made from whole pureed mice so this can be expected. "Shake Well"   between uses. Separation will occur if the bottle sits for a while. This is natural as the fresh tissue solids will rise to the top of the oil base. The fresh mouse base is much lighter in weight then the oil. But they mix nicely after a brisk shaking of the bottle.
  Note: A small piece of trapper wire or toothpick will work well also for a spout clean out if needed. I just wrap a wide gum band around the bottle a couple times and carry the clean out stick or wire with the bottle. Easy Peezy  

You can't over applicate MMO. More just gives a larger odor footprint if that is your purpose for that particular set.
Now Available
 Fresh Drawn Trout Oil "Black Gold". Pure 100% top run Fish Oil. One of the oldest trapline products used for land and water trapping.

        All of our meat fed predator Urines are bottled and ready for                          shipment. Get them while our inventory lasts.
New & Now Available  " Lone Dog "   SMC

     Single Male Coyote Urine. For ADC, special contract and          maintenance coyote work. A good clean up tool for giving          you the edge for educated and difficult coyotes on your            line. This is a very limited supply item. 
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