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Welcome to Jameson's Ultra Blend Scent Company. Our business initially began some 40 years ago and has continued to grow each year. A big thank you goes out to all who have shopped with us and shared in their success on the trap line, the working professional and part time ADC/Nuisance wildlife operator and all those hunting with our big game products. Quality products and good customer service are the foundation of any good business.

 Browse through our product line, view our testimonials and photo album to see the results of some hard working successful trappers and Nuisance Wildlife Professionals who depend on success for their livelihood. Well formulated high quality lures, baits and urine certainly play an important role in your trapping success. They represent an important part of the big picture. The aggressive application of good skills combined with a good work ethic  do make a big difference at the end of a day. 

 Be confident to know all of our products were made by an active working fur and commercial ADC/Nuisance wildlife trapper with over 50 years on the trap line and 40 plus years of formulation experience. High production durable products are both key elements for a successful trapline.  Put good methods and good attractants together and you will usually come out the winner. Respect, appreciate, and enjoy our great outdoors as it was meant to be as we all are an integral part of our eco system.       
                                                            Good trapping  and tight chains to  everyone,  

                                          Bob Jameson  
  Professional scents for Trappers, Hunters and Nuisance Wildlife Operators.
Bob On the Cat Line in Kansas......

If you have nuisance squirrel calls for red,grey or flying squirrels our "Nutcracker" 100% meat nut bait and "Nutcracker LTS" lure will entice the most finicky squirrels into a cage trap. A special blend of wild nut blends and known food oils make up the irrestible aroma of these professional formulas.
Matt DeBarber, owner of Pace Wildlife Solutions in Ct. reaches for the Formula One and Formula Two Woodchuck baits  and LTS lure when he needs to get things done quickly. 
Dave DeBarber from Pace wildlife Solutions in Connecticut realizes the value of a good skunk bait and lure when the complaint calls come in. Grubstake and Skunk Mate LTS get the job done.
Do you need to resolve raccoon problems quickly? Our Fireball ADC, Urban Wildlife , Peaches & Cream and Fur Taker baits will attract them by the truck loads.These professional formulas are multi odor attractants and the most durable long lasting products available.
"Nuisance Wildlife Operators At Work"
             with our products .
Circa 1975
  We do not ship to Canada or to any international countries. If you wish to purchase any of our products you may be able to do so through one of our major product distributors.

F&T Fur Harvesters, Mi.
 Minnesota Trapline Products, Mn.  Wildlife Control Supplies, Ct.
ATS Company, Mi., Blue Ridge Outdoors,Va. Animal Control Products, Wi.

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A personal best of 312 red fox, 50 + coon and Skunk in 40 checks. The majority of my sets were lured with Jameson's "Fox Cream” as my primary food lure and “Red Devil” as my gland lure.  These lures gave me the results and response I look for in good lures   Dave Ziegler, Pa.